Cross Mapping:

Train your brain to quickly move from pain to possibility.











You’re a busy person. You don’t have time to be taken out by pain or the physical manifestations of stress and anxiety. We get it! Every day we talk to busy, ambitious people who want more out of life and don’t want pain to get in the way of their enjoyment of life and work. The secret to transforming physical pain is actually a lot easier than you would think.

This is the information that drug companies don’t want you to discover because it would NOT be good for their business!

The fact is, there are no pain receptors in our bodies. That means that the phenomenon of pain is actually produced in the brain. The age old adage “the pain is all in your head” may be true, but its connotation is not. Even though pain is actually a perception produced in the brain, it is felt in the body. This means that you are not “making it up” when you feel physical sensations of pain, discomfort, stress, and anxiety, however, there is something specific you CAN do to train your brain in order to transform uncomfortable sensations drug-free, instantly.

In this user-friendly program, Physical Therapist Brian Trzaskos and Occupational Therapist Ani Anderson will describe to you the cross mapping method that they discovered by bridging western and eastern healing modalities. This surprisingly simple and easy to learn program is so effective, our clients are calling it “brilliant” and “genius”.

Whether you are actively recovering from an injury, experiencing occasional pain or working toward peak performance levels learning the Cross Mapping Method can help you transform uncomfortable sensation on the spot.

This 2-hour streaming video course includes:

  • Section 1: The NEW science of pain
  • Section 2: Cross Mapping Method for physical pain
  • Section 3: Cross Mapping Method for emotional pain
  • Bonus: Cross Mapping Method for manifestation and personal growth
  • Bonus: Cross Mapping eBook

What people are saying about Cross Mapping…

“After thirty years of living with chronic pain and fibromyalgia, with numerous doctors, therapists and prescription meds, the only thing that has significantly changed my life has been working with Ani and Brian to eliminate the pain. Physical and emotional pain no longer control my life, I control my life!” -Korri Fleming, teacher

Brian is a master at taking seemingly complex information and creating user-friendly tools that make sense, are effective and create just what is needed- more ease– in body and mind.” -Britt Marie McDowell, psychotherapist

“Cross Mapping is genius!” -Peter Paine, banker and lawyer

“Cross Mapping is brilliant. This will become a constant companion and tool for my life.” -Lawrence Leo


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