One on One Private Sessions

A Rehabilitative Qigong and Tai Chi session includes a complete client evaluation and development of an individualized program focusing on each client’s individual needs.  The powerful practices of Qigong and Tai Chi will teach clients to integrate healing movements, deep breathing, meditation, and self-massage into an effective and inexpensive home healing program.  Rehabilitative Qigong and Tai Chi sessions may include additional manual techniques such as CranialSacral or Myofascial therapies to enhance treatment effectiveness and optimize each client’s physical and emotional life.


Rehabilitative Qigong and Tai Chi programs have been designed for group learning where regional syndromes and common physical challenges can be addressed.  Classes and workshops include education specific to client diagnosis as well as instruction and practice of Rehabilitative Qigong and Tai Chi techniques.

Research and experience has shown that Qigong/Tai Chi class participants continue to improve because it is so enjoyable to practice, whereas clients who use traditional therapy tend to lose interest.

In this way, Rehabilitative Qigong and Tai Chi group learning programs can be truly healing both physically and emotionally.

  • Rehabilitative Tai Chi for Cardio-Pulmonary Health

Research on positive effects of Tai Chi has been focused on cardiovascular health for the last two decades with an overall consensus that Tai Chi and Qigong are safe and effective rehabilitative practices after a cardiac incident and improve cardiovascular health.

  • Rehabilitative Tai Chi for Balance and Falls Prevention

Tai Chi is a traditional Chinese exercise method that requires no special equipment and has shown to improve memory, psychological wellness, strength, flexibility, and immune function. Harvard Medical School attests to Tai Chi’s positive effects on balance enhancement programs and also preventing falls. This workshop series offers students the opportunity to experience the practice and principles of Tai Chi as they apply to balance and physical function.

  • Rehabilitative Tai Chi for Neck and Shoulder Dysfunction

Physical Therapist Brian Trzaskos has specifically designed the Rehabilitative Tai Chi for Neck and Shoulders to heal a wide variety of neck and shoulder problems through combining many natural principles of Tai Chi. Tai Chi engages the body’s automatic healing responses and evidence-based rehabilitation techniques, such as visual tracking and cross education. This innovative program includes easy and painless techniques that can be done by anyone at any stage of recovery and addresses multiple body systems for maximal results.

Remote Consultations

We recognize that traveling a distance can be a barrier for some, so we arrange remote consultations via Skype and Face Time for out of area clients.  These sessions include distance evaluations and customized Rehabilitative Qigong and Tai Chi programs that are private and easily accessible to clients.


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